The Best Solution for Your Cupcake Tower Dilemma

wedddingcakeHave you decided your wedding cake yet?

I always thought the Wedding Cake decision will be easy.

I would just get a Traditional White Tiered Cake and decorate it with some flowers.

Real Simple & Easy, right?

But little did I know that these Wedding Cakes were SO different in Japan…



confused-person1. It’s a fake cake! Only a small portion where the couple cuts it is real and the rest is just for show so the Guests don’t get to eat it… How disappointing will it be if you go to a wedding and you don’t even get to eat cake? Honestly, that’s the best part of a Wedding!

2. If you do get a real full cake, you have to schedule the cake cutting to take place at the beginning of your reception! The Caterers need time cutting the cake into individual portions for the Guests.  Why so early? Because Japanese Receptions only last for 2 hours so it’s a hustle to get the cake out in time.

I was born and raised in the US, so this was a real shock to me.  I thought it was cool to have a Destination Wedding in Japan but didn’t think that the WEDDING CAKE would be such a problem.

I didn’t want to be that awkward couple having a fake wedding cake or cutting the cake right when we walked in!   I was determined to find a solution.


As I was browsing through Pinterest, I came across adorable Cupcake Towers being used as a Wedding Cake.

It’s just as gorgeous as a traditional cake, but it’s already divided into individual portions! How awesome is that?

I thought my worries would be resolved now that I have chosen to do the Cupcake Tower but boy, oh boy I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I asked my Wedding Planner in Tokyo but she’s never seen anyone have a Cupcake Tower at a Wedding… She suggested I either buy or rent one on my own since she wasn’t sure what I was looking for.


OK, how hard can it be to find rentals in Japan?

Let’s ask Mr. Google.

angry girl

I found a few Cupcake Bakeries in Tokyo that offered rentals for cupcake tower stands at 5,000 JPY, roughly $45.  But there’s a catch.  You have to order cupcakes from them too.

Japanese Wedding Venues are super strict as we all know, we aren’t allowed to hire outside caterers for the cake.  So this option was unfortunately out.

Here are the Other Rental Options I found available in Japan:

Rental 1 day 14,040JPY

Rental 1 day 16,020JPY

Umm…  what are these ridiculous prices?  Why is everything so expensive?


Here are the purchase options I found available in Japan:

6700JPY Acrylic Stand

14000JPY Acrylic Stand

They are both acrylic which means it can easily crack and it’s not stable.  Plus it’s impossible to decorate it because decorations don’t stick easily on an acrylic surface.

That’s when I browsed some US websites and learned about a Cupcake Stand that’s super easy to carry around & reuse.  I will add, it was featured on Shark Tank.

Smart Baker Cupcake Towers

I purchased the round 5 tier type tower stand for $70.

This was sturdy and high quality.  My worries solved, right?

But what came in the mail was just a plain white booooring cupcake stand.  How can I make it look more elegant?


Determined to make my cupcake stand more elegant and wedding-ready, I decided to just decorate it.  I’ve seen those tutorials online, how hard can it really be?

I decided to buy additional things for the decorations:

Then I spent an additional 5 hours decorating.

Spray painting both sides of all tiers & connectors, waiting for spray paint to dry on both sides, wrapping the ribbon around each tier & super gluing the twine,  and finally waiting for the super glue to dry on all 5 tiers.

That wasn’t so bad, eh?  Just 5 Hours of your day and an extra $61 on top of the $70 cupcake stand you just purchased….

The newly beautiful cupcake tower stand came out to a total cost of $131, which is roughly the same as the boring acrylic stand that Japanese vendors had to offer for rent.  (Well if I add the labor I put in, it is actually worth more but I will exclude that for now.)


I will use this cupcake tower once at my wedding but that’s the only time I will need it.

Why should any other Bride go through the same Cupcake Tower Dilemma that I went through?

The Best Solution is simple.

I will rent my Cupcake Tower out with a Price that people can actually afford!!!

I am renting it now on my website for $15 since I wanted to help another Bride out that may be going through the same Dilemma as I had.

Peer to Peer Rentals allow for a low price.  After all, Sharing is Caring!

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